The Low Down on Bed Styling



The Low Down on Bed Styling.

with, Cultiver

I don’t know about you guys their is nothing I love more than an effortlessly styled bed.

The most important element of your bedroom, is the bed. So naturally the linen you select will set the tone of the room. For me I like to select linen that is going to align nicely with my decor, so I usually start with a white or oatmeal colour. That way you can add some colour and warmth with textiles, like cushions and a throw blanket. I selected the Linen Duvet Set in White from Cultiver, it’s 100 % European linen, and feels like a cloud. 

TIP, to create a slightly dramatic effect with your linen, go up a size. I always get my duvet cover in a king so that it falls softly to the floor. 

So my bed doesn’t look too white and has a bit of depth, I went for a warmer tone for my sheet, the European Linen fitted sheet in Natural. And to tie that colour in I also opted for the Quilted Bedcover in Natural. It is the ultimate accessory for your bed in the cooler Winter months when you need that extra blanket. 

TIP, to create a layered look with your bedcover, don’t be afraid to mess it up a little bit. I personally loved the lived in look. 

Now for the cushions. This is when your bed will start to look like a haven! I like to use two European pillows, then two large standard pillows. Then I’ll add a couple of smaller white Linen cushions. To finish it off I wanted to add some contrast, so I added the Les Mini cushion in black

Don’t forget about your bedside tables. They’re a must! Not only are they oh so practical, they they provide an extra space to style and really showcase your style. I like to style mine with a small table lamp, a beautiful scented candle and maybe a small vase or two.

Shop the post below,

Linen Duvet Set in White, Linen Fitted Sheet in Natural

Quilted Bedcover in Natural and

Les Mini Cushion in Black.


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