The LG Twin Wash





The LG TWIN Wash, 

A laundry update, with LG.

For as long as I can remember, (or have lived out of home) I have dreamt of a Washer and Dryer in one. It really was the dream for me. No more lugging the heavy laundry basket around, or only being able to lease properties with big enough laundry’s to fit both your washing machine and dryer – the struggle was real

Fast forward seven years, yes seven. I got one hell of an exciting email,

LG had offered me the chance to trial out their brand new TWIN Wash, hallelujah.

I was one happy lady. 

A little bit of remodelling in our bathroom/laundry was required – the TWIN Wash sits tall at 1340mm. For me this is actually a godsend, at 6 months pregnant it’s becoming impossible to reach/bend down very far. It is the perfect height for me now!

Now let’s talk details. 

The name TWIN Wash gives you a pretty good idea of the most special feature, this washing machine (not only has a built in dryer, hello space saver), but it also has a seperate Mini Washer down the bottom…. I know! 

For me this is an amazing time-saver, being able to do your white’s at the same time as your dark’s is revolutionary. Why did none think of this sooner?

Another plus for the Mini Washer is baby clothes. I think it’s the perfect addition when you have young children, or like me – a baby only a few months away. It’s the perfect child sized washer, plus it has mid cycle pause, so you’ll never miss a sock again, or bib.

The TWIN Wash also combines water and steam. This TrueSteam function allows it to wash your clothes more gently, and more deeply. It also allows has the ability to fluff up fabric fibres allowing for the steam particles to clean on a microscopic level, talk about a new level of clean. 

Another pretty cool feature is the Smart Phone Integration, well we are in the 21st century after all. This feature allows you to literally manage your washing from your phone. The LG SmartThinQ app is able to remotely start your washing from your smartphone.

Be right back, going to set this up. 

Overall the LG TWIN Wash is a very, very welcome addition to our family.

It really has fit right in, and anything that saves me time, and effort at six months pregnant, gets the big tick of approval from me. 


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