The Expiry Date, with SKII


The Expiry Date,

with, SKII

I recently teamed up with international skincare brand, SKII to discuss the concept behind their new film, The Expiry Date. The video is shedding light, (and breaking down the stigma) that women have to achieve certain goals by certain ages! 

All over the world us women are facing age-related pressures, it’s either meeting ‘the one’ and getting married, or finding your dream job and career.

We’re all guilty of it at some point or another! 

As i creep closer to the big 3-0 I can’t help my mind wandering to those age old worries, should I be married (or at least engaged) by now, have I made the right career choices? If (heaven forbids) the whole ‘blogging’ world disappears, will I regret not studying and having a back-up career. Should I have gone into a more stable industry.

The pressure to keep up with others is always lingering in the background, even if it’s not very noticeable. But why? I have always believed that everyone’s journey is different, no two people are the same, so of course our lives and paths will be different.

And their ain’t nothing wrong with that!

This film really spoke to me, because it’s breaking down those walls and encouraging us to to speak about this, which I think is a great step forward!

You can take a look at the SKII short film here.

In collaboration with SKII


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