The Baby Carrier, with Newbie Love






The Baby Carrier,

With Newbie Love

I am well and truly getting a crack on that third-trimester check-list.

With the possibility of an induction being on the cards in a matter of weeks, I am in nesting heaven right now. Spending my days getting all the last minute things ready for our home, and our baby boy.

One of the items I still needed was a baby carrier!

I was very excited to get my hands on the brand new Newbie Love baby-carrier, (it’s only just been released in Australia).

I’ve always loved the idea of a baby carrier that really wraps around you and feels like a second skin. Plus also keeping your hands free, which I am assuming will be very useful with a newborn.

The Newbie Love baby-carrier is made from 100% certified organic cotton jersey, so it feels super comfortable. Another thing that I love about this carrier is that it has added neck support, which is great as I read that newborn’s only start being able to hold their precious heads up after the first month.

I am counting down the day’s until our baby boy arrives and we get the chance to put the Newbie Love baby-carrier to the test.



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