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Introducing the new Asus Zenbook Flip!

This past week I was lucky enough to spend some time trailing out the new Notebook from Asus. The Zenbook Flip is pretty snazzy, I won’t lie – I was fairly impressed when I realised the screen flips all the way around and turns into a tablet.

A few things that I found separated the Zenbook from other laptops and tablets are –

It has a 13.3 inch touchscreen,

Colour temperature correction,

It is light as a feather (it weighs a measly 1.27kg),

It’s thinness measures in at 13.9mm!

Seeing as the Zenbook is so light, I brought it along with me to a morning meeting, lunch date and an afternoon street-style photo shoot for By Barber. Is was super easy to carry around and use on the go, plus is was a lifesaver to use during the shoot to take a peak at our shoot images! 

In regards to the ‘Jewel Hinge’ I have already mentioned it in the blog post, but I’ll edit it a little. See below – 

‘Now I love a flat lay, I swear the Zenbook was designed for them – the screen has a new and improved Jewel Hinge that leaves the screen firmly set at the angle you want. The hinge is designed to last the entire lifetime of the Zenbook! Definitely made my life easier.

Overall I was very impressed. Now to just get my hands on the Rose Gold style …

Photographed by Katie Fergus


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