Starting Solids, with Bubs Organic









With Bubs Australia.

It’s official. We have started solids!

We were very excited when Flynn started giving us cues he was ready to move on from just milk.

Starting solids is such a fun but bittersweet milestone to get to. Your little baby is a baby no more! We started introducing Flynn to the Bubs Australia range of 4+ month puree’s at around 5 months. I was drawn to Bubs Australia as they were one of the only brands of baby food I could find that didn’t have any hidden ingredients included.

Just what was listed on the front!

Straight away Flynn took a preference to the fruit puree’s and once he was 6 months, the porridge’s! He has a sweet tooth just like his mumma.

Once he hit the 6 month mark we had so many new meals to try, and rusks! The rusks came at a great time as Flynn was teething pretty bad and was about to cut his first two teeth. The rusks we’re a great distraction from the pain, and treat for him as he usually chewed on books, haha.

Shop Flynn’s Favourites From The Range Below,

Bubs Australia Berry & Banana Bircher Muesli,

Banana & Apricot Power Porridge, Sweet Potato, Carrot & Pumpkin.


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