Sleep Training, with Wot Baby


Sleep Training,

with Wot Baby

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have noticed that I’ve mentioned a few times the success we have had recently with Sleep Training. I’ve had quite a lot of people ask to hear more about this, tips and tricks and the guide we used. I was originally going to film this on IGTV but to be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to fit it into just ten minutes. So a blog post it is. 

To start, I’ll fill you in a little on Flynn and how we was sleeping prior to the Sleep Training

Flynn had always slept okay, meaning not too bad and enough for us to get by on, but we knew Sleep Training would have to happen eventually.

Flynn had used a dummy from a couple of weeks old, and as much as I loved it I knew this was preventing him from having good quality, deep sleep. He would cry everytime it fell out of his mouth. And that would happen 5-10 times a night! So yes, as much as I loved the dummy I knew we would have to part ways with it soon. 

When I decided Flynn was old enough and when I could no longer go through another night of being woken up every hour, I decided we were going to start Sleep Training! 

Enter Wot Baby

I had seen a couple of other new mums talk about their experience with Wot Baby so I decided to download the app and see what all the fuss was about. I immediately liked it, after imputing your baby’s details it tailors all the information according to your baby’s age, plus it was just filled with great tips and information. Things that as I first time mum I just hadn’t been aware of, (I’m talking about you Active and Quiet Playtime!

I started out doing what I call a ‘relaxed version’ of the Wot Baby guide. For Flynn’s age they suggest letting them ‘cry it out’ for 5-10 minutes. Being so knew to this, (and a first time mum) I found this so, so hard. Hearing your baby cry and not doing anything went against everything you’ve learnt really, and your maternal instincts. So we compromised with 3 minutes of crying. 

Note, Flynn was still using his dummy and we also transitioned him from his bassinet in our room, into his cot in the nursery.

For some reason Flynn started sleeping better, but only for a few days. I knew deep down that it was because he still had his dummy. After a few more nights of Flynn going back to his usually ‘waking every hour’ I decided to reach out to Jen (from Wot Baby) and ask for some tips and find out where we might be going wrong. 

The first thing she asked was ‘Does he use the dummy through the day?’ 

After chatting to Jen a little more she explained that Flynn is at the age where he needs to learn to settle and resettle without his dummy. He also needs quiet time before going down so his sleep is deeper and more restful. It’s a process and if you just pop a dummy in for every sleep it won’t happen! 

Day One,

I decided to start that very next afternoon sleep, and it actually didn’t go half as bad as I thought it would. Flynn cried for only 6 minutes, and then settled himself to sleep with no dummy. I was astonished! He woke up at the 40 minute mark (after one sleep cycle) and then took 25 minutes of resettling, but then went back to sleep. I realised then that it was the resettling that would be the trickiest.

The first night Flynn went down quite easily, but at 1.45am we had to do 15 minutes of resettling, and then another 30 minutes at 3.30am. I am not going to lie, the nights were the hardest for me! But I knew that Flynn was learn an incredible skill in being able to resettle himself so I just had to keep reminding myself of that. 

Day Two, 

The next day went great, Flynn was having three two hour long sleeps and making no protest when I put him down. If he woke up at the 40 minute to 1 hour mark he put himself back to sleep. It was amazing to watch, and he was a happier baby after getting such good quality sleep. 

Night two however was very, very hard. After going to bed at 6pm we had to resettle him (going in every 5-10 minutes) from 7-7.30pm. He then cried off and on from 7.30pm-9pm.

Since he was down for the night and I wasn’t going to get him up I decided to pull his next feed forward and do the dreamfeed at 9pm. After that he slept until 3.30am!!!! It was the biggest sleep Flynn had ever had without waking. After just 5 minutes of resettling he went back to sleep, but he woke up again at 4am and then at 5.30am. But I noticed that those few times when he was waking he was only taking 5-15 minutes to resettle himself back to sleep. Such an improvement from the night before! 

The rest of the week, 

Now I won’t go through each and every day, because you’ll be here all day. 

Overall the week went very well. I was actually astonished at how quickly Flynn learned to resettle. I noticed an improvement in his sleeping in literally half a day. Flynn’s day sleeps were always bang on two hours, and I wouldn’t have to go into his room once, and I was relaxed knowing that if he did wake and have a little cry, he knew how to easily put himself back to sleep. 

Overnight when Flynn would wake between going to bed and his dreamfeed he would resettle himself, such an improvement from night one! The only thing that was causing me to have to tend to him during the night was when he would shuffle up to the end of his cot and wouldn’t have any blankets on him. He still does this a few nights a week and I have no idea how he makes his way up there!

Where we’re at now!

Flynn is sleeping 6pm-6am. Yes, I am being serious.

BUT, he still cries and I need to come back to the Wot Baby resettling techniques. When he goes down for the night he can cry from anywhere between 10-20 minutes on an average night. One night it was 30 minutes, and one night it was an hour! But I know that once he is down for the night, he is well and truly down! We rarely hear a peep from him again. He gets a dreamfeed at around 10pm and then generally wakes at around 5am, has a little cry but goes back to sleep until at least 6am. 

It’s not a quick fix, some days are better than others but I always just try to keep super consistent and keep him on his routine as well as I can. 

So, any mum’s out there struggling with little (or no) sleep, I say download Wot Baby and give it a go! It worked for me, I am definitly not guaranteeing that it will work for every baby but there is no harm in trying!


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