Second Trimester Update


Second Trimester Update

Hello home stretch!

It feels surreal to be writing about finishing up the second trimester, and welcoming in the third. A warm welcome I might add. Baby Barber’s arrival is fast approaching, but before I dive into that, I thought I would take you all through the second trimester, and everything that’s been going on.


The second trimester revealed a wide range of new (and not very nice) symptoms.

Everything from awful lower backaches to heartburn every evening. I even developed something called Thoracic Joint Discomfort – sounds fancy I know, basically it meant that for around 7 weeks I had to deal with a pulled muscle type pain at the top of my abdomen. After a few trips to the Osteo it became clear that unfortunately nothing could really help ease the pain, and each week as my stomach stretched it put more strain on my stomach. Luckily for some unknown reason, this pain subsided around week 28.

Now the heartburn, oh the heartburn. It creeps up on me every night, and even though you know it’s coming it doesn’t help prepare you. Most of the medication for heartburn that I found was a chewable tablet, and to be honest they made me feel almost as sick at the heartburn itself. I found the best medication for me was the Gaviscon Dual Action liquid.


Dressing a pretty decent sized baby-bump has been a learning experience.

During the first trimester I was able to get away with wearing majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I swear as week 13 hit, there was really no-way I was getting any of my jeans done up. Investing in some maternity jeans (in the staple black and blue) was a very smart idea. A few of my favourites were from Bae Label, Soon Maternity and Ripe Maternity.

After week 20 I opted for oversized t-shirt dresses alot, keep in mind it is the middle of Summer in Melbourne. Zara has a lot of great options, but make sure you have time to sift through the racks to find styles that are pregnancy appropriate.

As the third trimester approached, and my bump was starting to resemble a beach ball, I decided to just keep rotating the same pieces. And live in basics and pyjama shorts while at home.

Nursery Update,

Even as I write this post as 31 weeks, the Nursery is still not completed – hey, it’s a big project. But it is just a couple of days away.

I am very, very proud of myself for deciding to start the Nursery planning at around 20 weeks, I just had a feeling it was going to take quite a while to come together. And I was right. At the moment the wallpaper is up, the furniture is almost all put together, and the decor is covering every space in the room. Watch this space as I am very close to revealing the Nursery soon.

Dealing With Gestational Diabetes,

Yes, Gestation Diabetes. It’s true.

A few weeks ago I got the dreaded news that I had well and truly failed the Glucose Test and yes, had Gestational Diabetes. Fair to say I was very, very shocked. I just never in a million years thought that I would have it, but after some research (and chatting to other mums and mums-to-be) found out how common it really is.

Gestational Diabetes happens during pregnancy when your placenta starts producing hormones that actually block your bodies natural Insulin production. As a result of this, alot of women develop GD. I’m not going to lie, it’s super annoying BUT I do like to keep reminding myself that our baby boy is still healthy and happy, and that’s the most important thing.

Unfortunately for me, monitoring my blood glucose levels revealed that I also needed daily Insulin injections. At first I was like ‘oh hell no’, expecting to see some massive needle but it’s actually teeny tiny, and you really don’t even feel it. Trust me.

Overall the second trimester flew by, and I can’t wait to update you all on the third trimester, and the arrival of our baby boy.

Josie, Luke, and Baby Barber, x


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