Mornings with Lorraine Lea







Mornings In Bed,

with, Lorraine Lea

There is nothing I enjoy more than a lazy Sunday morning, having a coffee and reading a magazine or two in bed. There really is nothing better.

A few pieces I currently have on rotation in the bedroom are from homewears label, Lorraine Lea. I swear everything in their collection just sits so perfectly with my bedroom decor.

Now I know Spring has arrived, (hallelujah) but the mornings at the moment are still quite fresh. So I love adding a couple of nice, textured throws for added warmth for layering. But since it is Spring, I opted for the Calais Throw in a nice nude, blush colour way.

Still sitting pretty on the bedside are the Newhaven Lamp, Marble Canister and Sigrid Vase.

Shop the post below,

Lorraine Lea Marble CanisterNewhaven Lamp,

and Sigrid Vase.



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