Morning Dressing, Made Easier.







Morning dressing, made easier.

How I prep my wardrobe for the week ahead.

Firstly, you will probably notice that their isn’t much on this rack. That’s because this rack is my ‘secondary wardrobe‘. Think of it as a curated version of my entire wardrobe, that gets updated weekly.

If I am having a relatively slow week, not to much on – mainly working from home, a coffee date here or there, I will pull out lots of denim and t-shirts, a couple of sweaters, a casual trench. Even Nike leggings. Plus LOTS of sneakers.

If I have a busy week with a couple of events to go to, and I know I am going to be out of the house quite abit, I prep my wardrobe with fail-safe outfit choices – Plain tops, a few different blazers, some leather/suede pants, a statement coat. The shoes that get pulled for the week are a pair of nice flats, heeled boots and once again, sneakers never fail.

I always have a couple of accessories out – neck ties are a quick and easy way to look chic. And I am a sucker for anything with gold hardware – my Dylan Kain bag definitely gets a work-out most weeks.


I find that updating my rack according to my weekly schedule – helps me always get out the door on time.





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  1. August 18, 2016 / 6:42 am

    I totally have it with you – and have also a “second rack” for my current favorites! Makes dressing so much easier!
    xx Mirjam //

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