Living Room Refresh






Living Room Refresh

The Living Room, it’s pretty much the hub of our house.

It’s where we relax, watch movies, catch up on the day – and where Oskar, well sleeps!

Up until recently all the pieces that put my Living Room together had been around for far too long, it was dying for an update.

I was thrilled when the chance to work with Lounge Lovers popped up, I had been lusting after their sofa’s and armchairs for longer than I care to say. The style that I had my eye on for the longest was The Hampton Chaise. It had all the qualities and features of my dream couch.

Another factor that made this couch a literal dream come true for me, was the fact that I got to choose the fabric. I opted for a quality linen in an oatmeal colour. Now I know you may think with a dog, plus a baby on the way that a couch in a lighter colour way is completely crazy, it actually works better for us.

Oskar’s hair can no longer been seen from space against the dark fabric, hallelujah!

Another piece that really pulls a space together, is the rug.

Having wood floors throughout our entire house means I get to go crazy in the rug department and style them in most rooms. The Skandi Rug from Rug Culture had my name all over it.

The quality is just next level, teamed with the subtle chevron pattern and the monochrome colourway – it was definitly the perfect rug for this space.

For lighting I knew I wanted something modern, but with a warmth to it.

The Vox Floor Lamp from Mrd Home was the perfect find. The size was just right for where I needed it to go, and the black was a well needed contrast against our lighter sofa.

Now, no space is complete without some artwork.

On the opposing wall I have a beautiful canvas painting from Temple & Webster, and with that piece having some blush pint I wanted to carry that theme throughout the house, so we purchased the Hush Canvas Print from Zanui.

It’s a great size, (when you have a giant rectangular wall to fill in like us) and the price is also very affordable.

Shop the post below,

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