Interior Styling Ideas for a Rental


Interior Styling Ideas for a Rental, 

Decorating while renting, it can be a bit of a challenge hey?

Even though you’re renting you still want your home to feel well, like a home, and reflect your style. But there are all these restrictions and rules. Not to worry, as someone who has rented their entire adult life I have found a bunch of great ways to create a home you love without breaking the rules.

Rugs and Soft Furnishings, 

Rugs are my absolute favourite way to style a space. They add warmth and texture and just really make any room seem complete. I have a rug in every room of the house, and love moving them around when I feel like a space needs a freshen up. Plus they’re a great way to cover up flooring/carpet that you might not be a fan of. 

Cushions, throw rugs and other soft furnishings are probably the easiest way to add some new life into a space. A pop of colour (for me this usually only goes as far as blush pink) is a great and seriously easy way to breathe new life into a room that might be looking a little blah.



I honestly think adding some artwork to any space is the easiest way make an impact and up your styling game. Not to mention really affordable, my favourite piece of art is under $400 which is nothing compared to say, the cost of a new sofa. 

If your artwork is light enough you can easily hang it on the wall without using any nails, simply pickup some 3M wall hooks! They can hold up to 5kgs and don’t ruin the paint. Another idea is to think outside the box, place your artwork on the floor or pop it onto of a shelf or dresser and lean it against the wall. 

Update Your Curtains, 

Depending on what time of curtains are already in your rooms you may be able to switch them up for a style that suits you a little more. For me this is always full length linen curtains! I have them in my bedroom, in Flynn’s room and in our dining room I opted for full length sheer curtains from Ikea, (they were under $20 too). They look so effortlessly elegant.

There is always the option of reaching out to your landlord too if you . If you offer to put back up existing curtains at the end of your lease they may allow you to make some more permanent changes and change the curtain rods and brackets.


 Step Up Your Self Styling, 

I love revisiting all my shelves every now and then. Taking everything off, giving them a quick clean and then doing a little restyling. When I see some #shelfie inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest I always save it so I can go back to it when I need a little help with my own styling.

I find creating a ‘layered look’ while styling your shelves work well. Create little groupings and mix things of different sizes, colours and textures. Also I like to swap between one grouping on one shelf, and then two on the next. I think it helps the styling not look too cluttered, and also balances it out nicely.



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