You have just launched your new website, what can you tell us about

For a long while now I’ve been dancing on the beautiful line between style and wellbeing, and the journey has been an incredible catalyst of self discovery. I wanted to create a place where the two worlds meet cohesively and effortlessly. To some, fashion and wellbeing are opposing passions that traditionally don’t have a lot to do with each other and can even come with heavy and inaccurate stereotypes. I try to blur the line between two, making them both more accessible. Like, I can meditate, cleanse my crystals by the moon, give love to the universe and wear Alexander Wang.

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What is your most prized possession in your wardrobe?

Hmmmm at the moment, probably my Alexander Wang Prisma navy snakesin bag and my Zara navy leather and neoprene boots, both which I picked up in New York.

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If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have three things to keep you company, what would they be? 

A never ending book case, a surf board and a journal.

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And finally, I have to ask.. How oh how do you achieve that stunning ‘I just rolled out of bed looking this good’ beach babe hair you’re known for? 

I literally just roll out of bed! I wash my hair once a week. I get some highlights and a trim twice a year and that’s it! Sometimes in summer I’ll do an organic oil treatment to keep it hydrated.

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You can view Miann’s new website here –



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