Finding The Perfect Feeding Chair





Finding The Perfect Feeding Chair

With Interior Secrets,

Our baby boy’s Nursery is almost ready to be revealed. I cannot even explain how much fun I have had putting together a warm, inviting and fun space for our baby to enjoy once he arrives!

One of the pieces I was most excited about for the Nursery was the feeding chair. I had this idea (pretty early on) that I was not going to select a rocking chair. For me it just seemed a little silly to invest in an item that had a shelf life of less than a year, (Note, I may be wrong. Truth is I have no idea how long babies breastfeed for). But I knew that a regular arm chair would be able to be used for years, plus I can eventually steal it for the lounge room – winning.

Our Nursery is very bright and white, so I knew I wanted a dark chair to add some contrast to the space. Plus dark fabric seemed like the responsible choice when living with a baby/toddler.

I came across the Austin Armchair on the Interior Secrets website and knew straight away I would not find anything better. It was perfect!

The shape was modern, but soft and the colour (a dark charcoal grey) was exactly what I was looking for. Oh, and you might like to know that it is the most comfortable armchair that I have honestly ever sat in.


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