Bottle Feeding with Tommee Tippee






Bottle Feeding,

with Tommee Tippee

Flynn was introduced to the bottle from pretty early on.

Once we got home from hospital I just could not for the life of me, get him to latch on properly. We even had trouble while still in hospital with the help of the amazing midwives, so once we were home and without help, the challenge was even harder! So the bottle it was.

We used the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature range from from the get-go and Flynn has always drunk so well from them, I think because they has the most breast-like nipple ever made!

Once my milk came in (a couple of day’s later) I was pumping around the clock! Who knew your boobs could wake you up in the middle of the night? My new best friend was the Closer To Nature Express and Go Kit. The pouches attached to my Electric Breast Pump, and then with a simple attachment they attached to the teats. It was a game-changer for a sleep deprived new mum.

Now Flynn is four months old, we have been trying out some of Tommee Tippee’s new bottles. One I am loving is the Advanced Anti-Colic bottle.

It’s been designed specifically to reduce the amount of air bubbles in the milk, and encourage a great latch-on at the teat.

Shop the new Tommee Tippee range below,

 Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle,

Express and Go Kit and Eco Friendly Glass Bottle


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