Bedroom Refresh, with West Elm


By Barber Bedroom Refresh.

with, West Elm

My bedroom has needed a refresh for some time now. Sure it looked nice enough and was fairly functional but it never really felt like it reflected my style. If we’re being honest I never truly decorated it, bits and pieces were added here and there, but it never really had a style.

One of my all time favourite furniture/homewears labels is West Elm, so you can just imagine how thrilled I was when they were intersted in teaming up on this project, and helping me create my dream bedroom.

I wanted the space to be a haven, a place to escape and unwind. And I think we managed just that. My style is a complete mix to be honest, a little bit Scandinavian, and a little bit Contemporary. And sometimes I like to throw in a little bit of tribal and costal.

Taking all that into account, I am so happy with the end result and how the space came together.

My favourite area is the definitly the corner vanity, I have always wanted an area like this in my bedroom. It’s the perfect corner to keep your jewellery and fragrances, and a bonus that I now have a some drawer space. The Industrial Storage Console is actually a hall table, if you can believe. But I think it’s doubles perfectly as a Bedroom vanity. 

A feature mirror was also on my wish-list. We chose the Metal Framed Round Wall Mirror and it looks oh so perfect sitting above my Table/Vanity. The large, round shape is just what I had in mind and the antique brass colour is so chic.

The Souk Wool Rug we chose has been my dream rug for as long as I can remember, just ask my partner Luke. It’s the most beautiful rug I have ever seen, and it’s even better in person if you can believe. Since we have wood floors in our house, a rug was a must. It makes the space so much more warm and cosy!

My clothes rack was another piece that was dying for an upgrade! I just love being able to have my favourite pieces from my wardrobe on display, plus extra storage is always a win. We went with the Garment Rack in a sleek and modern black. I couldn’t go past it’s clean lines and funky legs.

To finish off the refresh, I added some decorative pieces – like the Speckled Texture Vase and Marble Doorstop. And nothing completes a room like some crisp, white linen

Shop the post below,

Industrial Storage ConsoleMetal Framed Round Wall Mirror,

Souk Wool Rug, Garment RackMarble Doorstop

 Belgian Flax Linen and Speckled Texture Vase



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