A Day With The NAOB

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A Day With,

The National Academy Of Beauty

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of spending the day the day filming at the National Academy Of Beauty‘s very own salon, Salon Blend.

The National Academy Of Beauty is based in the Melbourne CBD, and offer courses from Beauty Therapy to Cinemagraphic and Special Effects Makeup!

They pretty much have a course for everything beauty related.

At Salon Blend I got to experience some luxurious treatments (they offer hot stone massages, refreshing facials and even spray tans), and also got to create my very own Lipstick and Foundation from The Lip Lab.

You get to choose your own colour, scent and finish and watch as it’s mixed, cooled and set into your own lipstick mould. I opted for my signature nude, and also a dark plum shade for special occasions.

Take a look at my day at Salon Blend  by clicking here,

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